Journey On Mountain Ring (Low)

Journey On Mountain Ring (Low)

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A mountain ring with textured ridges atop a delicate shank. The mountain range is only revealed from the side view. A beautiful, everyday expression of your love of nature.

Hand carved in wax, cast in metal and finished by hand
+ Tallest point is 3mm
Made to order in NYC

+ Pair it with the High Mountain Ring to form your own landscape
+ Pair it with the Sun Ring to form your own sunrise/sunset
+ More from the Mountains Collection 

Materials & Care
+ Learn about metals and care tips here
+ Please note the white gold version is not rhodium plated (for a silvery appearance) but can be at an additional fee

Customer Feedback:
"My love of the mountains is now something I can share with more than words. They are utterly beautiful, just like the splendor of the mountains." ~ Allison

"This ring is absolutely beautiful! So delicate and powerful at the same time." ~ Katie

"I purchased it because of its beauty and the message behind it. I purchased another ring and sent it to my closest friend. We are both in a more difficult place right now and this is meant as a token to help us through as we "climb." Thank you!" ~ Jacqueline

"Mountains draw me. For years I rock climbed. Climbing taught me that the most important thing is how you climb - with grace and discipline and humble acceptance of your limits - rather than whether you reach the top. I feel like this is the sentiment captured in this ring." ~ Susanna

"Love, love, LOVE this ring! The shop was so personal and quick to answer any questions/exchange my order because the ring was a little too big. Highly recommend." - Emily

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