Journey On Mountain Necklace

Journey On Mountain Necklace


A mountain necklace with peaks and valleys arranged in a graceful arc. Wear it as a beautiful way to keep the mountains near you and as a source of strength and inspiration on your journey forward.

+ Hand carved in wax, cast in metal and finished by hand
1.5 inch wide pendant
16 inch cable chain with clasp
Made to order in NYC

+ These dainty Mountain Studs
+ More from the Mountains Collection

Materials & Care:
+ Learn about metals and care tips here

Photography Credit: Caley Cassell

Customer Feedback:
"I'm unable to state how beautiful this necklace is. It's one of those pieces that just gets more beautiful and unique over time." ~ Meredith

"This was bought as a gift for a friend who's having a rough time and the necklace brought her to tears." ~ Justine

"AMAZING! I'm embarking on a new adventure and ticking off a few more dreams, so the note included made me feel warm and fuzzy. The necklace is beautiful and I can't wait to get back to the mountains." - Melissa

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