Perfectly Imperfect Keshi Pearl Diamond Necklace

Perfectly Imperfect Keshi Pearl Diamond Necklace

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This subtle diamond solitaire necklace features a pearl pendant cast from a natural keshi pearl: singular, unique and completely divine.

Did you know that a pearl is formed when an irritant is introduced into the oyster, causing it to deposit layers of coating that coalesce into a pearl? Wear this a ring as a daily reminder that even when we’re dealt with something unwanted or unpleasant, we have the power to transform it for the better.

+ Solid sterling silver or 14k yellow gold pendant
+ Pendant measures 5mmx4mm
+ Hand-set diamond measures approx. 1.3mm
+ 16 inch or 18 inch cable chain with clasp
+ Learn about metals and care tips here
+ Made to order in NYC

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