Not sure what your ring size is?

The best way to determine your ring size is to visit a local jewelry store and get your finger sized. It may feel like a hassle but you only have to do it once, right? :)

But if the above is not feasible, then a DIY approach is to tie a non-stretchy string around your finger (it should lie flat against your finger, without cutting in or coming too loose). Cut it and measure its length and compare that against the circumference column of a standard ring chart.

A surprise gift for someone else?

Go with them to a local jewelry store to get their fingers sized. This could be done less conspicuously via a game of “let’s try these rings for fun!” :)

If available, take their existing ring and get it measured at a jewelry store. Or trace the ring on a piece of paper and compare its diameter against a standard ring chart.

If you know the ring size of one finger but need another finger’s measurement, a general rule of thumb is: going from pinky to thumb, each finger is about one size larger than the previous one. The same finger on your dominant hand will be about 0.5 size larger than the corresponding finger on your non-dominant hand.

Another approach, though less accurate, is to find a friend whose fingers look about the same size as your gift recipient and get their ring size as a proxy.

A few more tips

- Your fingers will swell in the summer and shrink in the winter, so take seasonality into consideration when ordering your ring.

- For a wide or thick ring design, it’s best to order up by 0.25-.50 in size because it will otherwise feel tighter on your finger.

- A general rule of thumb: it’s always easier for a jeweler to size down your ring (by cutting away excess material) than to size up (by building in extra material).


We offer complimentary re-sizing on newly purchased rings. You will only be responsible for associated shipping costs. However, restrictions may apply to more complex designs or gemstone designs, as they would be much harder to re-size and additional fees may apply. To get started, email us at hello@everlijewelry.com with your order number and request.