On Stillness

The quieter you become the more you can hear.

When was the last time you sat still, doing nothing? 

It sounds like such a simple act but can feel almost impossible. After all, in our ever interconnected world with flurries of status updates, staying still can feel like missing out.

But stillness can be a powerful restorer of our inner peace. It creates a space in which we can organize our thoughts and recalibrate our emotions. It gives us the ability to zoom out and appreciate our lives in a bigger context.


For a few months now, I’ve been working on a small group of designs entitled “Stillness.” I was very much inspired by a Japanese rock garden that I visited in Portland. The garden is a physical sanctuary in which the observer can sit in silence and ponder about life, as represented by the sands and rocks artfully arranged within its walls. 


Short of having my own zen garden (hello, NYC apartment!), I looked to jewelry as conduits for moments of introspection. Each “Stillness” piece is inspired by the organic form of stones and pebbles. Their smooth surface invites your touch, a physical reminder to set aside time - even minutes - to slow down, put away your phone, curl up with a cup of hot tea and be still.


View the entire look book here. The collection launches on Monday, April 10th.

Shuang LiComment