Let Yourself Be Seen

Sun Ring

Today I am releasing this ring and want to share some of its backstory. It comes from a personal place but maybe will speak to you too:

From the  From the very beginning of my journey as a self-taught jewelry designer, I struggled with the weight of expectations.

We all have this idea in our heads of who we are supposed to be. Maybe it's shaped by our upbringing, our social circles, our cultural values.

The more I progressed, the further I drifted from this fixed and familiar entity. It felt disorienting, scary and even embarrassing at first, especially during the hard days of getting a business off the ground. I felt like I was turning my back on what was "good and perfect" and making a mess of myself.  

It's only in the last couple of years that I'm learning a different way of living.

In the wise words of Brené Brown, "Let go of who you are supposed to be and embrace who you are." After all, who we are is what's real. 

It's a really brave thing to let our true selves be seen. I wanted to have a physical token of this reminder, so I created this ring. It's inspired by the warmth and radiance of the sun. It reminds me to be compassionate to myself and to celebrate who I am right now, unconditionally. I hope it speaks to you too.

Sun Ring
Sun Rise Stack
Sun Rise Ring Stack

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