In the Moment

The “Stillness” collection was born from my own desire to slow down. To be present.

The other day, I watched as these kids played with abandon in the park. Peals of laughter. Little stampedes across the lawn. They were wholly engrossed in the act of playing. Body, mind and soul.

And it made me realize just how much I crave that feeling of being happy exactly where I am.


There is always another email waiting to be read. Another beautiful Instagram feed to scroll through. A friend’s vacation photos to comment on. An engaging blog post to digest. Someone’s beautiful outfit to admire. These snippets of other people’s lives never fail to inspire me. But sometimes, sometimes they become a form of escape. An escape from boredom, from feeling stuck, or even from feeling sad. And I know when it happens, because it leaves me feeling a bit numb.

So I’m learning to carve out time. Time to live in my own world and no one else’s. Time to put down the phone camera and stop recording. Time to find comfort in the discomfort. Time to enjoy an ordinary day doing ordinary things. Time to write. Time to reflect. Time to be grateful for all that I have.

Stillness Collection
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