Forest Bathing

"Forest Bathing" or shinrin-yoku is a meditative practice that originated from Japan. 

Unlike what the name suggests, you don't exactly bathe in the forest. Rather, you immerse in it, using all of your senses.

That means meandering slowly, with no specific destination in mind. Paying attention to the myriad shades of greens. Feeling the texture of the bark, leaves, dirt on your fingertips. Listening to birdcalls, or distant trickles of water. Breathing deeply and savoring the scents of nature.

You can bring a blanket, spread it on the ground and take a nap. You can open your favorite book and read under a tree. Or just close your eyes and feel how alive and well you are, right at this very moment.

Would you be up for trying it?

These photos are taken at the Hoh Rain Forest, part of the Olympic National Park, in Washington State.

Shuang LiComment